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Little India Restaurant & Bar

“ Little India Denver Lakewood’s aim is to offer the best Indian Food in Denver that are made with the inhouse, local or imported (from India) Indian spices and ingredients.”

Little India Restaurant and Bar is one of the best Indian restaurant in Denver Lakewood Colorado and ranked in the top list when it comes to the best Indian food in town. For the past 13 years, we have been serving authentic Indian food in Denver beating most of the Indian restaurants near Denver Lakewood Colorado.

Inspired by the traditional dishes of the Royals to the non-veg items, foods influenced from Mughals to Indian street-style snacks to go with the Masala Tea, and offering them with our efficient and creative touch which makes Little India Restaurant and Bar one of the best Indian restaurant in Denver, Colorado. All of the ingredients we use here at Local Gourmet are just that: local. We stock our restaurant kitchen in much the same way that we stock our home kitchen, with daily deliveries of fresh products that we select ourselves, at the market each morning.

The interior ambiance of Little India Denver Lakewood is minimal but a little bit touched with the vibrancy of Rajasthani colors over some parts of the restaurants. And the wall is covered with the Indian arts and pictures of some Indian forts, cultures, and traditions. This surely makes you feel like you are in fact sitting in some parts of India.

What makes us stand out from the crowd? Apart from the Food and ambiance, Little India Restaurant and Bar offers something more for their customers. We know, Indian Music has also left a great mark throughout the world. For instance, the use of classical tabla sound and Bhangra in Selena Gomez’s song called Come and Get it shows the popularity of Indian Music in the international market too. And to bring our music from the period of royals to Ghazals, modern Bollywood, and classical ragas, Little Indian Denver has set up the musical environment that surely melts your heart or even takes you to the dance floor.


The aura of Little Indian Belmar filled with the Indian music, decor, and aroma of mouth-watering Indian food makes you feel like warm and cozy family vibes and makes your experience more memorable, and enchanting.

Little India Restaurant

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“Nothing can beat us when it comes to the fusion of mouth-watering Indian dishes and great ambiance. Try it Yourself”

Little India Restaurant and Bar is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Denver that has been serving authentic Indian food for the past 20 years. Our main motto is to treat customers as a family and we have been keeping that feel-like-home sensation for the past 12 years. That’s why Little India Denver serves fresh, local, Gluten Free (GF) and Vegan-friendly dishes and maintains the quality because we do not want to demolish the trust of our loyal customers that we have gained over the years.

To this date, we, Little India Denver, have been serving as the authentic Indian Restaurant in Belmar, Lakewood, Denver, Colorado, and will surely maintain it in the upcoming days too. Our ambiance is very clean and hygienic; our food is cooked with minimal oil and without baking soda so that you won’t leave our restaurant with a bloated stomach. Out experience chef from North India presents you the delicious traditional Indian Food prepared using the local ingredients/spices from India that surely makes you feel nostalgic.

Little India Restaurant and Bars’ kitchen is clean as your home. If you have any doubt about that, we have an open Kitchen that builds confidence and drives us to maintain quality and hygiene no matter what.

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