“We Love to give small Treats of Happiness to our Valuable Customers”

Little India Restaurant and Bar, Denver Colorado is not just an Indian restaurant in Lakewood, it is a cultural phenomenon that has been serving arrays of cooking traditions from all states of India. Our menu features the finest Indian delicacies with distinct styles and creativity right on your plates. From appetizers to the main course, from entrees to desserts, from ingredients to dishes, and beverages to flavors, our Indian chefs from Northern India use only the freshest meats and ingredients and are known for their sumptuous means and signature curry.

We, Little Indian Restaurant and Bar, believe in authenticity and it is undeniable when it comes to serving our guests. We honor their trust and are proud to represent our pride, our culture and the heritage that has been in existence since the beginning of the legendary era of Maharajas, Shahenshah, Nawabs and Sultans in our dining and delicacies.

Just like a perfect Masala Chai (Tea), our menu also consists of the perfect blend of Indian food that you can’t stop eating. Sorry to say, but there is something about the Indian food, even Jason Derulo could not stop himself from singing a song Jalebi Baby”. What we, Little Indian Restaurant and Bar, is serving daily specials inspired by seasonal ingredients, the weather, personal feelings and excitement. From day one, we have been always seeking innovative ideas and sources around the world, (we often travel just for it) to bring back the new flavors and culinary to tantalize your taste buds.

And to spice up your life with some extra bit of excitement, we have added Happy Hour services which contain a menu of Deshi Tadkas (Tempering) at the very lowest price as compared to the whole Indian Restaurants in Lakewood Colorado. And we also have a bunch of drinks to accompany the dishes.