August 14, 2022

Must-Try Non-Vegetarian food in Little India Restaurant, Denver

Must-try Non-Veg food not only changes your spirits as a carnivore but is also filled with Protein and Vitamin B. this help strengthen the muscles in our bodies and helps them grow faster. Not only this but the Non-Vegan dishes are also known to maintain Stamina and Hemoglobin. Little India is known to be the Best Restaurant with some of its patrons’ favorite Non-Vegetarian food in Denver. Some of the most liked Non-Veg Entrees at Little India, Denver, Colorado, are Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Wings, Chicken Ginger Kabob, Coconut Shrimp, Chicken Chili, Lamb Chops, Combination Curry, Chicken Madras, and Keema Naan. The Special Non-Veg that is a child’s favorite is the Keema Naan, where the leavened bread is stuffed with delicious ground lamb.

Let us know about this Must-try Non-Veg food in Little India Restaurant, Denver!

Must-Try Non-Veg food “Chicken Tikka Masala”

The first one that is mentioned among these must-try Non-Veg dishes is the Chicken Tikka Masala. This Indian food is very famous amongst the patents. It involves the spice quoted with masalas being cooked in a flavorful broth. This is prominently served with a side of garlic flatbread or Garlic Naan, also available at Little India Restaurant, Colorado.


Tandoori Wings

One of the other famous Indian Food is the Chicken Wings coated in a delicious Tandoor gravy mixture then tossed over fire kitchens to cook it whole. These have succulent meat inside, which is why the Locals favor it in Denver, Colorado. The Tandoori Wings are cooked in a Tandoor, which is generally very hot. The Smokey taste drives people to Little India, Denver, Colorado. The trademark red color comes from the wings being generously lathered with yogurt and Indian spices. The mouth-watering taste is also because of the savory spices and deep marination alongside the Smokey taste from the tandoor.

Chicken Ginger Kabob

Ginger Chicken Kebab is a must-try Non-Vegetarian dish involving green chili paste, ginger paste, and white pepper powder. This North Indian Dish is a delicious snack preferred by most Indians who prefer eating Non-Veg food. It tastes excellent and is nothing like the other Indian Delicacies. To taste this delicacy, you can visit Little India Restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp is a curry-based Indian Dish, and as the name suggests, with Shrimp and Coconut. Not only is this Indian delicacy savory and tasteful, but it also is considered to have health benefits, including various vitami8ns and minerals. Not only that, but because of the presence of Coconut and Coconut Milk, it has a high fiber content which is good for your guts. Try out this amazing Seafood Indian Delicacy at Little India Denver, Colorado.


Chicken Chili

Some assume that beef and pork are better options as their fat brings more flavor. But Chicken Chili is considered the cleaner option for ample protein. The Chili, on the other hand, is healthier and leaner than too without calories. Cut down on calories without compromising your taste buds by ordering Chicken Chili at Little India, Denver, Colorado. The best thing about this? Home Delivered healthy, tasty food! For us, the Crunchy flour-coated chicken and capsicum do it all to win over our gloomy days.

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops have to be cooked in a very precise as well as quick, over high heat. The best part about lamb chops is that they can be Barbecued, Griddled, Pan-fried, or even grilled. While cooking Lamb chops at Little India, Denver, Colorado, is to get a lot of color on the meat by using different cooking methods alongside packing the various tastes of Indian spices and making it soft. Thus, the exposed meat and fat must be sizzled until they are that delicious brow color for that extra flavor.

Combination Curry

Combination Curry speaks the merriment of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian ingredients, which have savory, spicy, and heat packed up in themselves alongside a hint of creamy. The textures also put a great twist while eating this Indian food option at Little India, Denver, Colorado. The best part about it is you can order rice and Naan to go along with it. After finishing the rice with the Combination Curry, you can dip the Naan in the leftover Combination Curry and enjoy the Indian spices and through.

Chicken Madras

Chicken Madras is an Indian Curry with a kick to it. Somewhat hot but which you can enjoy. The dark thick red sauce is a result of chilies and paprika, while the tangy notes come from the addition of tamarind and fenugreek. Most Indian Chicken Dishes include marination of the protein, but in this case, there is no marination, and the spices are often dry roasted or, say, dry-fried. This packs a Smokey flavor to the spices that penetrate the meat slowly and gradually, which leaves the meat tender and spicy.

We did not forget to include the Children’s special must-try Non-Vegetarian Dish:


Keema Naan

As the name suggests, Keema Naan is made with grind-up meat, usually lamb, which is often pre-mixed with Indian Spices, finely chopped onion, and tomato puree. This Naan is not ‘hot’ spicy; by has relatively healthy spices that are good for the body’s muscle growth and is a great Indian Food option for your kids. Order from Little India in Denver, Colorado, and make your child experience the true bliss of taste from the land of India! Order Online