“Everything was delicious. Arrived before 6:00 PM, so took advantage of the happy hour to order a Mango Mojito – pretty presentation with lots of fresh mint and lime – very refreshing. The Punjabi Samosas were huge and perfectly seasoned. Next we ate chicken tikka masala with curried veggies and naan stuffed with coconut and fruit. We were so pleased that we ordered take out to carry back to Fort Collins for another evening of delicious Indian food. Highly recommend Little India!”

Susan Taylor

“We ordered to-go and used the Denver Passbook. The staff was so friendly about it and honored it with take-out. The food was so amazing too, everything cooked and seasoned perfectly. We’ll definitely be back. The guy was so nice over the phone too which I appreciate a lot. 5/5 for sure.”

Amber Jacobson

“This is hands down the best Indian restaurant in Denver! I stayed in Denver for 4 days and I ate here almost everyday! The chicken tandoori is the juiciest and the most delicious tandoori I’ve ever had. Each and every dish in this restaurant is amazing! The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staffs are equally friendly! Great hospitality, extremely delicious food! Make sure to stop by this restaurant when you are in Denver.”

Yasna Raj

“I’ve been to a lot of Indian restaurants and this is one of the best ones. I would definitely eat here on a regular basis if I lived in Denver. We had chicken Tikka masala, onion bhaji, samosas, and garlic Naan, all cooked to perfection.”

Natalee Ziegler

“Our fave date-night place! First off, the people who work at this location are always incredibly kind and accommodating. The menu works for most types of diets too, which has come in handy for me a few times (post-surgery, pregnant, etc). The food is always high-quality and deliciously herbatious! Never too sweet or too salty. They really got the flavors dialed in!”

Sarah Jozwiak