August 17, 2022

Tandoori Specialties You must Try in Little India Restaurant near Denver

In India, fried Indian Dishes are often second to Tandoori Specialties Dishes as Tandoor Made dishes are less oily and considered much healthier than the fried siblings of the dish. The other thing I like most about Tandoor-cooked Indian Dishes is that they smell heavenly with the combination of Indian Spices and the Smokey smell, making me want to eat more!

The Best Tandoori Chicken at Little India

Some of the best Non-vegetarian Tandoor Dishes of India are bent more towards the Tandoor cooked Chicken dishes. Here at Little India Restaurant and bar, the best Chicken Tandoori and Top Lamb Tandoori dishes enjoyed are the Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Kabob/Kabab, Seekh Kabob/kabab, Chicken Ginger Kabob/kabab (which is enjoyed by people which like the kick of spices but hate the heat of chilies), and of course the Tandoori Wings.

The Best Lamb Chops in Denver

The other great thing about Meat Tandoors is that they retain their juiciness and are soft and Smokey through and through. Interestingly, meat prepared on a tandoor is less gamey and tastes good even with salt and pepper! Lamb Chops are one of the Best Meat Tandoori I have had in Little India, Denver, Colorado. Come and have a taste of this juicy goodness at this cozy restaurant and bar in Denver called Little India.

The Best Vegetarian Tandoori Specialties dish at Little India Restaurant and Bar

The best way to stay healthy, vegan, and vegetarian is to have tasty best Vegetarian Tandoor Indian food options at Little India Restaurant and Bar in Denver! Little India serves the best quality fresh, locally produced, Gluten Free (GF), Vegan-friendly Indian Dishes that not only is the favorite of our vegan customers but are also an excellent option for all Fitness enthusiasts. Among these dishes, we have Garlic Naan, Garlic Cheese Naan, Cheese Naan, and Paneer Shashlik.

Paneer Shashlik

It is no new news, but hands down, the Best Vegetarian and Top Vegan dishes can be found in Indian cuisine. Paneer Shashlik is one such dish that will lift your spirits without any bad cholesterol or heavy fats! This cheese is healthy cheese!


The Best Seafood Tandoori at Little India

As the connoisseur of the Indian Tandoor, I have often spent my leisure time eating Seafood Tandoor. You might ask, wouldn’t the meat be dry or doesn’t a seafood boil taste better? Trust me when I say that not only is it a lot healthier and tasty with soft and delicious meat, but also it can be eaten on an everyday basis with just a little twist on its spices! Some of my favorite best Seafood Tandoor served at Little India Restaurant and Bar are Shrimp Tandoor, and Fish Tandoori. The special part about the Best Seafood Tandoori at Little India is that they are not fishy, and the taste of the spices penetrates so deep that I can taste the fish better, not the fishiness or the ocean. You will thank me once you try the seafood tandoori at Little India, Denver, Colorado.


The King of Tandoor – Tandoori Mixed Grill!

Do you know what a perfect blend of spices marinated in Veg and Non-Veg Delicacies of India taste like? It is right here at Little India, Denver, called the Tandoori Mixed Grill – The King of Tandoor! It contains grilled sausage, grilled steak pieces, mushrooms, assorted vegetables alongside peas and chips.

Tandoori Wings

Some of the best Tandoori Wings are the ones at Little India, Denver, Colorado! Tandoori Wings are one of the smokiest and juiciest wings of all time! These come along with some of the best condiments on the side at Little India!


Essentials for a Tandoor!

For a Tandoor at home, You need an Indian Tandoori Oven made of Clay and a cylindrical or bell-shaped oven. These can be set into the Earth and fired with wood or charcoal. The skewers are other essentials you would need to operate the food preparation inside a tandoor as the temperatures could reach up to 480 °C, which is 900 °F. The hot oven-cooked way is Smokey and not only delicious but also very healthy.

Little India is very prominent and famous for many Tandoori Specialties that you must try at Little India Restaurant, Denver, Colorado! Take your tongue on an exploration of Indian tandoori Dishes.