July 7, 2022

Unveiling the Enchanting Kashmiri Rogan Josh – A Must-Try Indian Delicacy

The Kashmiri Rogan Josh – Indian Dish

As the name suggests, Rogan Josh is a dish that originated in Kashmir. The dish Rogan Josh or Roghan Ghost is a very aromatic curried meat dish. The Indian dish uses red meats like lamb, mutton, or goat. The proteins are made with colored and flavored alkanet flower or alkanet root along with Kashmiri chilies. The characteristic red color of the dish is said to be a natural color, resulting from the dried flowers or root of the rattan jot. Rogan Josh is also considered one of the signature dishes of Kashmir.

‘Roughan’ in the ‘Roghan Ghost’ means ‘Clarified Butter’ or ‘Oil’ in the Persian and Urdu languages. ‘Jus’ or popularly pronounced as ‘Josh’, on the other hand, is said to mean ‘stew’ or to ‘braise’. All the top Indian Restaurants have this on their menu, but ours, Little India, specializes in the dish that will take your tongue back to the Indian Subcontinent. At our restaurant, serving various Indian food options, we firmly place the Kashmiri Rogan Josh in the medium heat category. Rogan Josh is a solid four on the scale of 10, which is the hottest.

The Lamb Rogan Josh by Little India also includes chilies in a quantitatively lesser form than the Vindaloo. The ‘Rogan’ in this Persian-inspired Indian dish means ‘oil’ which mainly indicates the usage of clarified butter in a hefty amount compared to the normal refined or vegetable oil. Rogan in Irish also means “‘grandson (or descendant) of red-headed’, and a similar word ‘ruadh’ means ‘red’.” The ‘Josh’ on the other hand means ‘heat, hot, boiling or even passionate’, which indicates that the Indian dish being prepared a high heat. The Indian Rogan Josh is aromatic with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom, whilst the base flavors and the deep color is due to the presence of deseeded Kashmiri paprika, onion, garlic, and ginger. But of course, the Clarified butter, famously known as ghee in India, is the main reason for the enhanced flavor of this Indian dish. Because of the summer heat, it is said that the Mughals frequented Kashmir with this rich, savory, and heat-filled dish.


In Kashmir, the Rogan Josh is considered a staple of the Kashmiri cuisine as well as is included as one of the main dishes of a Kashmiri Multicourse meal or Mazwan. Sometimes also referred to as ‘Mezwani’. People in India often use goat instead of mutton because it is more readily available in most places. Many places in India have also known to use beef or brisket to make this delicious Indian Delicacy. The most fantastic thing about this Indian Food option is that it brings two diversely different and religiously opposed main sectors of society to fall in love via the food way. There is a saying in India that perfectly applies to this matter: ‘The way to the heart is through the stomach’. This means that to become a permanent remainder in a person’s heart, you need to quench the person’s hunger for taste.

The most significant preparation to prepare a Rogan Josh between a Hindu and Muslim is that the Muslims use praan, a localized form of shallot along with the petals of maval and the cockscomb flower for the rich natural coloring with garlic, onions. The addition of yogurt may also be incorporated, which not only plays to enhance the flavor of the dish furthermore but also gives additional body to the dish. Come experience this excellent Indian food at Lakewood, Colorado – here at Little India!

Exploring the Richness of Indian Cuisine: The Kashmiri Rogan Josh

When it comes to Indian cuisine, the diversity of flavors and regional specialties is nothing short of astounding. From the fiery curries of the south to the aromatic dishes of the north, India’s culinary landscape is a gastronomic adventure waiting to be explored. One such gem in the treasure trove of Indian dishes is the Kashmiri Rogan Josh, a culinary masterpiece that exemplifies the art of slow-cooked, flavorful cuisine.

A Journey Through Indian Food:

Indian food is a journey through a kaleidoscope of tastes and aromas. It is a reflection of the country’s rich history, cultural diversity, and the influence of various dynasties that have ruled over the subcontinent. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene valleys of Kashmir, every region offers its own distinct culinary traditions and signature dishes.

Food from India: A Culinary Odyssey:

Food from India is a treat for the senses. It’s a fusion of spices, herbs, and ingredients that create a symphony of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of street food in India or prefer the comfort of a home-cooked curry, there’s something in Indian cuisine to tantalize every palate.

The Rogan Josh – An Emblem of Kashmiri Cuisine:

Kashmir, often referred to as “Paradise on Earth,” is not only known for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its delectable cuisine. At the heart of Kashmiri food culture is the Rogan Josh, a dish that represents the region’s culinary artistry.

Key Ingredients:

  • Meat: Rogan Josh traditionally features tender pieces of lamb or goat, but variations with chicken or even vegetables are not uncommon.
  • Yogurt: A crucial component of the dish, yogurt adds a creamy texture and tangy flavor.
  • Aromatic Spices: The spice blend in Rogan Josh is distinctive. It typically includes cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and the prized Kashmiri dry ginger.
  • Ratanjot or Kashmiri Chilies: These chilies impart the dish’s iconic red color and a mild, smoky heat.
  • Saffron: Kashmiri saffron, considered the best in the world, lends its exquisite aroma and flavor.
  • Ghee: Clarified butter is used for cooking the meat and spices, infusing the dish with a rich, buttery essence.
  • Fresh Herbs: A handful of fresh coriander or mint leaves adds a burst of freshness.

The Art of Slow Cooking:

What sets Rogan Josh apart is the method of slow cooking. The meat, marinated in yogurt and an assortment of spices, simmers gently over a low flame. This slow infusion of flavors results in tender meat that falls off the bone and a sauce that’s a harmonious blend of spices and aromatics.

The Beauty of Indian Curry:

Rogan Josh is a curry in the truest sense of the word. Indian curries are a celebration of the “masala,” a mix of spices that forms the heart and soul of the dish. In Rogan Josh, the masala is meticulously prepared, toasted, and combined with yogurt to create a luscious, flavor-packed sauce.

Pairing and Presentation:

Rogan Josh is typically served with steamed rice or naan, a traditional Indian bread. The saffron-infused rice complements the dish’s rich and aromatic flavors perfectly. The vibrant red hue of the curry, thanks to the Kashmiri chilies, makes it a visually appealing centerpiece at any Indian feast.

Conclusion: The Rogan Josh – A Taste of India:

In the world of Indian food, the Kashmiri Rogan Josh is a testament to the artistry of slow cooking, the allure of aromatic spices, and the rich cultural tapestry of India. It’s a dish that takes you on a journey to the heavenly valleys of Kashmir, even from the comfort of your own dining table.

So, the next time you’re craving a taste of India, consider indulging in the aromatic, flavorful delight that is the Rogan Josh. It’s not just a curry; it’s a culinary masterpiece that beckons you to explore the rich and diverse world of Indian cuisine, one delicious bite at a time.