June 8, 2022

Naan is not a Pita?

Greatly gaining popularity in this Digitalized world where YouTube has attracted many food bloggers, Naan is often compared to a Pita bread. Sometimes it is also mistaken to be a Pita Bread. Naan is thicker and enriched, which makes it softer than normal bread. These carbohydrates filled a key source, originated in India, and are very common in the Caribbean and South and West Asia.

Naan is made from a mixture of flour, water, yeast, milk, yogurt, oil, or butter. Sometimes, it also has some added ingredients like eggs, onion, Black cumin, and other Indian Spices. This mixture is rolled into a dough and kept in a damp cloth, after which it rises and the yeast gets time to culture. By doing so the dough rises and is then kneaded into a huge softball. This is then divided into small dough balls, which is then rolled out and put inside an oven-like structure called ‘Tandoor’. The intense heat of the tandoor – which can be replicated in the modern-day hot oven; cooks the Naan. This Naan is then lathered with ghee or salted butter, which softens the fluffy Naan from the outside. The crispy and soft textures of the dish attract people to this Indian Delicacy.

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